Outeiro Tuías

Outeiro Tuías - Manor House

Outeiro Tuías-Manor House ( known as Casa do Outeiro) in Tuías, Marco de Canaveses, has a long history since its roots go back to the XVII century. In 1621, the ancestors of the actual owners had lived here. The beautiful chapel, which is located at the center of the house is dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Pilar. You will be very welcome to visit the chapel. For several generations the family has been dedicated to wine production having had a brand of Vinho Verde called “Quinta de Tuias” inserted into the Wine Route of Marco de Canaveses.On our farm you can visit archaeological remains dating back to the Middle Ages.

The House is located 3 km from the center of Marco Canaveses and 12 Km of A4 (Porto-Vila Real), which facilitates the movement of visitors to the farm. With good road and rail access, benefits from the proximity of Porto which is located 55 km and 50 km from the Douro valley that is enshrined world heritage.

Here you can stroll and contact directly with the local population in order to generate an important cultural exchange in an area with many tourist attractions. Lies between them, highlighting the Roman city of Tongobriga located about 2 km from the house, the church of Santa Maria of Siza Vieira, the Works of Fidalgo in Vila Boa Quires, the historic town of Amarante at a distance about 20 km and the Bayou River Park River Tamega with excellent conditions for water sports and fishing.

Marco de Canaveses has a rich and varied gastronomy, there exists extremely high quality restaurants. However you can always use the kitchen of the house and the rooms to make and enjoy your meals. Included in the room price we serve a breakfast that consists of orange juice, coffee, milk, toast, butter, jam and fruit.